Folder Lock 7.8.1 Crack With Serial Key 2020 Free Download


Folder Lock 7.8.1 Crack With Serial Key 2020 Free Download

Folder Lock Crack is a Great Tool which is used to store the important files on a more secure location. Only you can access those documents which are added in this tool. You have to set a security lock or password if you want to view those Hidden files or documents.

Folder Lock 7.8.1 Crack With Serial Key 2020 Free Download

Folder Lock hides the documents in three different ways. The first one is blocking. Blocking is the fastest option. It gives access to the hidden files to only that person who sets the password. The other two ways are Encrypt and Scramble modes. These options hide the data at higher or lower levels of security. This tool has another great option which is known as the locking interface. This Interface has a beautiful design and it is very essay to use.

Folder Lock Keygen 2020:

Folder Lock Keygen helps you to keep your personal files locked and encrypted and also provides online storage to those files which are automatically backed up. It provides you Wallets in which you can hide Files, Folders, Drives, and also your personal information. It can share files and clan window history. There is no need for description and manually backing up files. Users can later restore the files at any time. This tool also provides extra portable security for USB drivers.Folder Lock 7.8.1 Crack With Serial Key 2020 Free Download

As there are over 45 million people use this tool all around the world so it is the most downloaded security tool. It can protect images, videos, documents, and personal information of the user. It can also store our files without encrypting them. If the wants that his files are encrypted it can also crest an encryption folder for those files and store them after encryption them. Your personal information like a Credit card, Bank Accounts, and other Business information will be stored in encrypted wallets. The window usage history can also be cleaned using this tool.

Folder Lock Crack With Serial Number 2020:

Folder Lock Crack With Serial Number helps you to backup all of your files on Google Drive and you can restore them whenever you want. Your files, documents, personal data will be safe from hackers. It has much more than just locking folders. If anyone tries to reach your protected files this tool will ask the security password three times after it will automatically shut down the system. It will also take a picture of that person and helps you to find him.

Folder Lock Crack With Registration Key 2020:

Folder Lock Crack With Registration Key can activate password security and limit access to the different parts of the tool by using an admin level security key. If anyone will try to open the tool with a wrong security password it will block the app after a certain number of attempts and also shut down the system. This tool is very fast, portable, continent, and very reliable. The tool can also protect CDs, DVDs, and USB Drivers.

Key Features:

  • Folder Lock the personal files of the user using 256-bit on-the-fly encryption technology and this is fool-proof.
  • Can backup encrypted files to an online storage and restore the encrypted files very easily.
  • It provides extra portable security for USB drivers and CDs/DVDs.
  • Do not allow the Hackers to use dictionary attacks. If anyone tries to access the hidden files it will shut down the computer automatically.
  • Support all versions of Windows.
  • Users can create a lot of Lockers and set different passwords for them.
  • Will not allow anyone to that even Folder Lock is installed in your computer and run the application in stealth mode.
  • Hackers cannot rename, delete, or move any folder without a security password.
  • By creating Wallets the user can hide his personal information like Credit Cards, Business Information, and Bank Accounts.
  • Using an admin level security password the user can lock various parts of the app.
  • When the user is away from his PC he can Set inactivity based security policy.

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What’s New?

  • For data protection, password protection is improved.
  • Provides unlimited space for data storage.
  • Hide the Folder Lock notification from the toolbar.
  • File encryption is safe and more secure.

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP.
  • Free Space: 250 MB or more.
  • Hard Drive: 30 MB (maximum).
  • Processor: 2 GHz.

How to Install?

  1. Download Folder Lock.
  2. Open the downloaded file.
  3. Install the program.
  4. Enjoy!

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